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We believe in the power of the written word

If you come to this page, you may be looking for a pleasurable escape or to improve your life personally or professionally. No matter what your goals are, we're with you.

The Why

We believe that reading opens doors to opportunities. One of our missions is to help people who like reading maintain and nurture their reading culture. 

Our programs are designed for your busy life.

The What

We have seen many people quitting their favorite books because they are too busy to complete a lengthy book. Our reading programs are basically like books, but they are designed into short and consumable steps. Each of our programs is not too long for you to quit, and not too short for good information.


The How

When you join our programs:

✅ You complete all reading steps. 

✅ You can join our programs via any web browser, Android, or iOS device

✅ When you complete a program, you'll earn a badge to share with the group

✅ Each program is associated with a group where you can discuss and share your ideas with like-minded people

✅ Each program provides action resources, including:

  • A personal workbook for you to take action

  • A resource cheat sheet to help you explore the topic further

  • A mindmap summarizing the main content in the program

  • A checklist for you to check your understanding

People frequently ask

What is a program?

A program is basically a book covering a specific topic that can help you improve a certain aspect of your life. However, it is designed in short and consumable steps so that you don't feel too overwhelmed to complete. When you complete a step, you can mark it as completed to see your progress.

How much does it cost to join a program?

We provide a simple monthly subscription at $9.99 which you can access all of our programs and other premium content.

You can access all of our programs in 7 days for free. Cancel before your trial and you won't be charged

What do I get when I become a subscribed member?

Once subscribed, you can:

  • Get access to all of our exclusive programs and other premium content

  • Early access to new programs, which are added monthly

  • Join private groups to discuss with other like-minded people

  • Using our mobile app to discuss, share ideas, receive updates, etc. Our mobile app is like a social network app

  • We keep reminding you if you missed some steps in your programs

What does a program contain?

Each of our programs contains:

  • Reading steps to keep you focused on the specific topic

  • A *personal workbook to help you take action after completing the program

  • A mindmap summarizing the program's content to help you quickly capture the gist

  • A checklist to help you remind the main points you have gone throughout the program

  • A *resource cheat sheet to help you explore further the topic

* Personal workbooks and resource cheat sheets are available depending on the nature of the program content.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time by visiting your Account Settings.