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Motivational Land

Backed By Scientific Research

You're on your way to access thousands of life experiences from the greatest people in the world.
A life-changing app with daily quotes, affirmation audios, and motivational videos

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Motivational Videos

Science Behind

Our motivational videos are made based on psychological research on how to motivate human behaviors. Those videos are mixed of visual elements, voice pitch, fluctuated sound levels which help to boost and maintain human motivation from the inner-self.

Quotes from greatest people

One Quote - One Life

A quote contains wisdom from one's life. It is an accumulation of life of experiences.

We curated a database of thousands of quotes from the greatest people.

With a rich collection of topics, you can choose to experience other people's wisdom.

You can customize your view with background image, font size, font colors.

You can save the current quote as an image in your Gallery to share on your social networks or with friends

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Affirmation Audios

Pre-program Your Mind

Your subconscious mind creates 95% of your life.

Affirmation audios are constructed at special frequencies that have been scientifically proved that it can change a person's behaviors if they keep listening in at least 21 days.

It is recommended that the best time to listen is right before sleep or after a wake-up

Home Widget

Quote at Convenience

Setup your Home widget to view quote

You can even customize background image, font size, font family, text color for your Home widget

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Support Apple Watch

View Quote on The Go

You can view your quote right on your Apple Watch without opening the app on your iPhone

It's Time To Change Your Life

Motivational Land - On App Store

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This app is great. Using it every helps me to achieve more. Now I removed other social apps, just use this one daily

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